Challenge 10

Q: Did you visit the actual challenge on the blog each week or did your teacher have a post on your class blog?

A: I visited the student blogging challenge myself every week.

Q:Which challenges were the most useful?

A: I think the challenge that was most useful was the all about me one, the one that let people know about you and what you liked and did.

Q:Which challenges were the most interesting?

A:I think the most interesting challenge was the one when we visited other peoples blogs from different places, and I thought it was cool because we got to meet new people.

Q:What would be some other topics you would like included in future challenges?

A:I would like to include one about what you want to be when you grow up, and why. Like how I want to be a fashion designer
because I love clothes!

Q:Are more tutorial type challenges needed? eg how to make a link in your post

A:I think sometimes  the directions are clear, but other times I don’t know what they are talking about, I think they should give definitions sometimes.

Q:Were the ‘Visit these’ posts useful?

A:Yes they were because they let us see something different that they thought that was cool and educational for us.

Q:  Were the challenges where you had to embed ie polls, cartoons, wallwisher etc interesting or could you not embed due to being a free Edublogs blog or a blogging platform that didn’t allow embedding?

A:I don’t know because I didn’t do this post. Sorry! 🙁

Q:Were there enough chances to visit blogs from overseas and make links with other students/classes?

A:Yes there were there were plenty of times.

Q:Classes that registered – were there enough activities specific to classes? Did you make global connections?

A:Yes there were enough activities specific to classes and we made global connections.

Q:Anything else you would like to mention about the challenge in particular.

A: I like this challenge because that way next year you guys can improve and do even better than you are doing now.(which is pretty great already) 🙂

So B. It

In this story “So B. It” by Sarah Weeks the main character Heidi wanted to find out what her mom’s word “soof” meant. She lived with her neighbor Bernadette and Sophia, her mom who said soof because she had a mental illness. She lived in Reno, Nevada and had a friend/neighbor named Zander. One day Heidi found a roll of film and got it developed and she showed the pictures to her mama. Once she showed the pictures to her mom, her mom kept saying soof when she saw the pictures. So Heidi decided to go to Liberty, New York to find out her past and what soof meant. She traveled by bus and met Georgia, Alice, and Deedee Monroe or also known as her “fake moms.” Georgia was especially nice to her because they were around the same age and Heidi could talk to her like it was Bernadette, that’s how comfortable she felt around her. In Liberty Heidi guessed a lucky number and luckily got a free taxi ride to go to Hilltop Home. There she met Elliot or her dad and he kept calling her soof because she resembled her mom. Soon she met Thurman Hill or her grandpa. Bernadette and Hilltop’s worker Ruby and her husband Roy made a bet so Heidi could stay with them for food and shelter. The next day Thurman Hill decided to tell Heidi the truth about her family. Heidi found out her grandma was Diane Demuth and that soof was mama’s word for love and Elliot’s nickname for her, she soon also found out that her mama died. Hilltop Home actually turned out to be a home for people who had mental illness’ that’s why Sophia stayed there when she was little. The theme of the story is sometimes you have to take a risk for what you believe in.

The author’s message: sometimes you have to risk something and take a chance for what you believe in is a very important theme that very well applies with this story. Like how Heidi gambled and played the slots in Reno for money to help out her family. Heidi also risked her life and went on the bus and traveled, even though she was under-age, just to find out what soof meant. Sophia took a risk by having a baby especially because it could have had deformities and by giving Bernadette her baby when she didn’t even know her and letting her feed it when she could have gave the baby poison or killed the baby. Bernadette also took a risk by going outside when she had agro phobia, which is where you are afraid to go outside. Heidi’s grandmother Diane Demuth even took a risk and chance by taking Sophia and her baby from New York to Nevada even though her daughter had a mental illness. Heidi took another risk when she made it to Liberty and didn’t have money. She didn’t go back home or get scared, she continued her search for the truth.

The consequences/results of taking a chance for Heidi were good and bad. The good part was that she found out the truth about her past and mama and even what soof meant. But the bad part was that Bernie told her to come home very frantically, but she didn’t and then her mom died which was very saddening to Heidi and now she could never see her mom ever again. But what I find weird is that after Heidi left her mom had a headache and then died, it almost seems like they were inseparable. Another result is that Heidi now attends school since her journey when Ruby was telling her about attending school. A bad result is that now Heidi doesn’t have good luck anymore because it got passed on to Ruby. Another good consequence/result is that now she has very good people in her life like Ruby, Roy and Thurman that will help her live a good and stable life.

There were many settings in the story that supported taking a risk. In Reno, Nevada where it’s very, very hot and where Heidi and Bernie lived with mama in their apartment. Bernadette opened the connecting door from her apartment to Sophia and Heidi’s and took a risk because she didn’t know what to expect, for all she knew there could’ve been a shooting going on. Georgia and Heidi took a chance by going to the always crowded New York by bus. There could’ve been an accident with all the traffic in that very big and busy city. Heidi took a chance of being homesick at the bus station where Heidi caught the bus even though it resulted in her vomiting. Generous Roy and Ruby took a chance by inviting Heidi to their nice home. They didn’t know how she would act. At Hilltop in Liberty where Sophia used to live with her mom Diane, Thurman took a chance by telling Heidi the truth about her family.

In conclusion, I think this book was great. I’m not going to lie, at first I thought that the book would be boring, but it was one of the best books I’ve ever read. After I read it I could just feel the pain that Heidi was feeling. It was so good that you could imagine every single part in the book. My favorite character was Heidi for never giving up, being brave and standing up for what she believed in. I also wanted to say that Elliot reminded me of Haymitch from “The Hunger Games” because one was drunk and the other had mental issues so they acted the same way. All in all, I loved this book and would recommend it to everyone in the world. I think that taking a risk for what you believe in is a very important theme, and remember to always stand up for what you believe in and take that chance.

The End!!!!!!

Jocelyn and the Sugar Genie

In my Language Arts class we were focusing on a specific form of fiction and I chose Fairy Tales. We had to take a story and make it as a skit that was rewritten. I chose the story “Ling Li and The Phoenix Fairy” and I rewrote it and here it is: Jocelyn and the Sugar Genie! I hope you like it, comment on it if you’d like!

Narrator: Once upon a time there was a beautiful girl named Jocelyn and she was proposed to by Jason, a young fellow who was the poorest man in town.

Jason: Will you marry me Jocelyn? We’d live happily ever after together!

Jocelyn: Of course I will! I’d love to, but when should we get married?

Jason: It should be set for summer!

Jocelyn: (to parents) Mom, Dad I’m getting married with Jason!

Parents: Oh Great! We will have ell our goats and sheep for money for decorations and money for a place to hold the wedding, but anything for your happiness!

Jocelyn: Oh No! I will get a place to hold the wedding on my ownand decorate it myself, while using my own money.

Parents: If you wish.

Jason: Here, take this money, it is all I have, and get a beautiful place and decorations for our wedding!

Jocelyn: Thanks and I will make sure that I will make it spectacular!

Jocelyn: ( is looking for a place) Ah finally I found an affordable and beautiful place! Now I just need to get some decorations and decorate this beautiful place. (goes and buys decorations) Now I’ve found some perfect decorations, I just need to decorate this place! (decorates the room) I know what I will do to make this room really sparkle; I will add sugar as sparkles from my sugar canes!

Narrator: There was a girl who was also getting married in the summer and her name was Jasminae Lealay. She was a rich and snobby girl who was jealous of Jocelyn’s great room.

Jasminae: I need that room for my wedding day! I will either get it for mine or no one will get it at all! (trashes room with eggs and toilet paper)

Jocelyn: (next morning) Oh no, what happened to my beautiful room? It looks hideous! (starts crying until she couldn’t cry anymore)

Sugar Genie: Why are you crying?

Jocelyn: My room got trashed and I don’t have enough money and time to fix it, my wedding day is tomorrow!

Sugar Genie: I can help you, for I am the Sugar Genie and your room was made from sugar. I can make it look twice as better as before. Plus you deserve it because you happpen to be very sweet. (helps her clean up her room)

Skips to next day/Her wedding day

Jason: This room looks beautiful! You did a great job.

Jocelyn: Thanks but I got a little help from my good friend the Sugar Genie!

Narrator: Jason and Jocelyn got married and lived happily ever after with each other, even though they were the poorest couple in the whole town.


Narrator: Jasminae was still really jealous of Jocelyn even though she was poor, and every time she came around Jocelyn, the Sugar Genie came and did something bad to her. All in all, money cannot but you happiness!

The End!!!!!!!!!



There she is Sam

Of course laying down and eating ham

And sitting down eating Kentucky Fried Chicken in a bucket

So you surely know her name is Sam Pucket


Carly is Spencer’s sister, and he loves to make art

And Carly, Sam, and Freddie knows he has a big heart

And even though he may be weird and childish

With his bright socks by Socco he is in fact very stylish


Carly is indeed the star of the show

With either burning a pickle or blowing up fruit no one really knows

With Creddie and Seddie the show can get into a huge mess

But Carly knows the one love she’ll miss


Freddie loves Carly, but Sam doesn’t care

He really quite gets in Sam’s hair

With tick baths and an insanely hygenic mother

Freddie and Sam both think they’re quite a bother


Gibby is not very bright, he is actually quite gullable

Even though Sam may make fun of him, he is actually quite lovable

When he takes off his shirt he can start to act like a fool

But that’s okay because Carly and Freddie think he is quite cool


With Lubert as the doorman at the Bushwell Plaza things can get out of sort

It has something to do with….oh what’s it called, oh his big o’ wart

Lubert is mean and can sometimes get cranky

Like what Spencer did to him in ” iGet Pranky!”

Can You Hear Me Now???

                                                             Can You Hear Me Now???

            One day a girl named Jasmine and her family went to the red and black cornered Verizon Wireless Phone Store at 12:00 p.m. on Saturday, September 11, 2010. They were looking at phones and all of a sudden the lights turned off, and they had just found out that they had just been robbed! Jasmine couldn’t believe it because no one saw or heard the person come in or steal anything, it was as quiet as a mouse! Jasmine got scared and ran to her mom Jocelyn, her dad Justin, and her brother Jason. Of course Jason was mean like most brothers and said, “Oh just suck it up and stop being scared.” Later on that day when Jasmine was at her huge blue house with her big backyard and fresh smelling grass the police found out that the robber stole a cell phone, a phone case, and a laptop! Verizon employees are even absolutely sure that it had to be an employee who worked there because no one else could have knew their passwords, and access to anything. The next day Jasmine heard new reports similar to what had happened yesterday. But this time someone saw the robber and what he looked like. The person described him as average height, light skinned, has black hair and eyes, and he wears very dark clothing. The guys news name is Mike the psych, so be on the lookout. Almost every day there was a report basically the same, but this time someone video tapped the scene on their phone, and saw how he got in and how he stole the cell phones and everything. But the weird thing was that no one could ever hear the guy. But the good thing was that they caught the guy punching codes into a door, so now they really think it’s an employee.                                                                                         

           In the next week Jasmine and her family heard reports about robbed Verizon stores. Jasmine felt mad, and she thought she could help the police catch Mike the Psych. So she asked her mom and dad, “Please take me to the Verizon store where the police are investigating, please I bet I could help them catch Mike the psych.”Her parents told her, “Fine, even though we don’t want to” which they murmured under their breath. Once they got there, Jasmine asked the policeman if she could help out, and show them something that could possibly help them. All the policemen did was look at each other and laugh, but Jocelyn, Jason, and Justin told them that they should listen to her. So the policemen agreed and said, “Fine little girl go ahead,” and Jasmine began to speak. She told them her prediction of where Mike the Psych would rob next, because he was going in order of stores to rob from one to the next. So they went to the next Verizon Store and then she told them the way to catch him. She said that in the news reports everyone said that they couldn’t hear him, so she had an idea which involved microphones and speakers. Jasmine knew the exact time he was going to come which was 12:00 so she and the policemen set everything up in the place where the reports said he always was which was behind the counter. Next they placed their booby trap behind the counter, so when he stepped behind the counter it would grab his foot and pull him up and then the police would be there to arrest him and take him to jail.

            Now was the time to try it, because Mike the Psych would be there in any moment. Finally one, two, and three he came in and was caught! “The policemen yelled, hooray, hooray, hooray we caught him all with this little girls help.” Jasmines plan was successful and the police found out who the robber was. It was Verizon’s old employee Steven that they had just fired. He was angry and jobless, so he thought he could get them back by robbing them. But now he ended up where he belonged, in prison. Then the policemen felt bad for doubting Jasmine and thanked her in person. Then the police told Jocelyn, Justin, and Jason that Jasmine was smart and they could use her someday.

                                                                                    The End!!!

My Everday Hero I Know

                                                                   My Everyday Hero I Know

      My grandmother, Barbara Dickerson or as I like to call her Nana was born on August 22nd, 1941 in Chicago, Illinois and is my everyday hero. She was raised in a very diverse home, she grew up in and around church because her mom was a minister, and her dad was a musician. Her dad had 11 kids and her mom had 3 that included her Barbara, and her brothers Leonard and Victor. When she was in elementary school and high school she used to organize a club called the        Busy Bee Club for kids. She used to go to her neighbors, churches, and stores for donations for her club. Once she even raised $400! She baked cakes, served kids and even had dress codes of black and red. After she graduated from high school she went to nursing and cosmetology school. In cosmetology school she got graded and she got very good grades. In fact she was so good that she got a lot of customers because she learned fast and had very good techniques. There were no hardships of her classes but she got burned by her appliances, and once she even did a dead person’s hair for a funeral! In 1963 she got married with my beloved grandfather Jerome Dickerson. Then she started cosmetology school in Chicago, moved to Los Angeles in 1974 and finished her cosmetology classes in Los Angeles.

       When Barbara was in school she got teased because she wore glasses and back then glasses were dorky so she got called “Four (4) Eyes.” “I also got called Amazon Girl and so did some of the other girls because we were tall and taller than some boys,” says Barbara. But Barbara said “The teasing didn’t bother me and my importance for school.” When Barbara was 11 years old she had appendicitis so she had to get her appendix removed, at age 15 she battled pneumonia. Because she was sick a lot in school she got average grades of B’s because she missed school, and was behind in her school work, tests, and homework, but she raised her grades. Then she had tetanus poisoning and lockjaw, ghaul stones, and cancer. For instance she remembers the incident of tetanus poisoning in 1972. She was walking up the stairs with sandals on and she was angry and the stairs had ridges. Her toenail got caught on the ridge and her toenail ripped off! She went to the hospital and got it wrapped, but later the tetanus poisoning took effect and gave her lockjaw which meant she couldn’t eat. But she received medicine and was 1 out of very few to survive tetanus poisoning and lockjaw back then.

        When Barbara was 11 and 15 her mom helped take care of her and get through her sicknesses. Once she grew up she had no other choice but to take care of herself. Although she couldn’t do anything for a while because she was in the hospital she helped others by sewing clothes during free time. Also to take care of her she got regular checkups. “To sustain yourself I recommend to always get regular checkups in order to stay healthy,” Barbara gives for advice.

        Barbara Dickerson achieved being a background artist and writing a song for Eddie Kendrick’s CD called “If You Think You Can” on October 18, 1974. She also did achievements of going to nursing school and cosmetology school and also becoming a cosmetologist/hairdresser. My grandmother also accomplished having 6 kids, and healthy ones at that. She’s also proud to be a cancer survivor. But she’s always had a dream to do Broadway shows.

Welcome to KyPie’s World

Hi my name is Kylie and this is my fantastic blog. I love music and my favorite artist is Justin Bieber! My favorite sports are tennis and basketball. I also love to play baseball but I think it’s boring to watch. The sport that I hate the most is golf because I think it is really boring to play and watch. My favorite things to do are to have a good time with my friends and family. My least favorite subject is history and I like math. Let me know what you think about my blog and always leave suggestions.




Do you know when Germany wasn’t the beautiful country it is now? Well Germany was not a country in 1870. German people eat a wide variety of very weird and interesting food like boar for instance. Germans also celebrate very many holidays that we don’t recognize here in America. Germans also wear 4 different types of traditional clothing called the dirndl, lederhosen, tracht and the gamsbart. Everyone in America uses the American dollar but in Germany they have money called euros and there are euro bills and coins. So Germany is a beautiful foreign country, with weird foods, many holidays, and four different types of traditional clothing.





 The Discovery of Germany and its land


Germany was founded in the year of 1871. Before Germany was founded, all of Europe’s German speaking territories were several hundred kingdoms, duchies, bishroprics, fiefdoms, principalities, and independent towns and cities. By the way duchies are territories ruled by a duke or duchess and fiefdoms are organizations or real estate owned or controlled by one dominant person group and bishroprics are offices of bishops. Celts were the first inhabitants of Germany and in the 2nd century B.C. there were German tribes. Germany is located in central Europe and it borders the North and Baltic Sea, which is South of Denmark between Poland and the Netherlands. Germany is also the 6th largest country in Europe and is 356,959 square kilometers. July is their warmest month and 37% of their land is arable, 30% are woodlands, 17% are pastures and meadows and 16% are for other uses.

Geography of Germany
















Traditional German Clothing


 Germans wear four different types of traditional clothes which are the dirndl, lederhosen, tracht and gamsbart. The dirndl is a traditional dress or a simplified version of a folk costume. At first the dirndl was worn by Austrian servants in the 19th century. The dirndl includes the bodice, which is worn with a blouse and a full skirt and apron. There are heavier designs for the dirndl for winter, made out of cotton or wool. Also a knot on a dirndl means that a woman is married. Lederhosen are leather trousers or knee breeches, wor n by German men in the Alpine areas. Lederhosen are worn for boys until they are sixteen years old. Lederhosen have long flaps and suspenders. They are usually worn in the mountains and are preferred by riders or hunters. Trachts are linen and loden materials worn in the creation of the landhausmode. Landhausmode are influences from costumes, worn by farmers and peasants and people say German clothing won’t be complete without it. Gamsbart are a tuft of hair worn on tratchen hats. The lower end of the tuft of hair  is in metal and the top brushes out. In Germany in the 16th century the German society only wore brown and gray and blue was only worn on holidays. 





 Germans use different money called euros. In America one  euro is worth $1.45, as of September 2009.There are euro coins and bills. There are 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 50 cent coins. And there are 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 and  500 dollar bills. All of the coins have the same front, but each country in the Euro Zone has printed different designs on the back of the coins. The countries of monarchies have a picture of their monarch on the back of their coins, while others have national symbols or representations of their country on the back of their coins. German euros have a gold ring border with stars and a silver middle with a soaring eagle. German euro bills are colorful with color streaks of purple, yellow, green, orange, blue, red and gray. On the bills there are also cabins or houses that are in a circular movement of stars. Also on the bills, the number of the value is shown very largely and the value of what it is worth is over the cabin.


german euro coin



euro bills




German Cultures and Traditions



   There are many cultures and traditions in Germany. Like Christmas, Tanz in den Mai, Thanksgiving, Saint Michael’s Day, Halloween, Nikolaugastag, New Year’s Day and peoples 25th birthday’s.Their most important holiday is Christmas, on that day thay eat goose, duck, turkey, red cabbage, potatoes, and potato dumplings. Tanz in den Mai is celebrated on April 30th and it celebrates their special dance into May. Thanksgiving is also celebrated and there is Saint Michael’s Day which celebrates the end of the harvest season. Halloween in Germany is a good party day and shops are always full that day. Nikolaugastag is celebrated on December 6th and that day is in honor of Saint Nicholas. On New Year’s people put written signs on their doors. Saint Martin’s Day is celebrated on the 11th of November and you celebrate with candles and children sing carols. Then on peoples 25th birthdays you make a carton wreath for women and a sock wreath for men.


Traditional German Foods 

 German people eat a wide variety of traditional foods. Brotchen is a food that German’s eat, and it is actually bread. Spatzle is another food and it is a kind of pasta. Klope’s are potato dumplings and knodel’s are bread like dumplings. They also eat something called pommes frites, which are french fries, and they serve them with ketchup and mayonnaise. They also eat spargel, which is really just asparagus. Germans eat ordinary foods and ingredients like red cabbage, trout, basil and sage. People in German’s also eat roll mops and brathering is fried marinated herring. Of course since German’s live in Europe they eat very interesting foods like duck, goose, boar, rabbit, goat, wurst and fowl. Also some other unusual foods are pike, carp, European perch, caraway, thyme, laurel, cardamom and tarts. As you can see foreign people like Germans eat very different foods. 


Spargel Grün und Weiß









Personally I think Germany is a great place, because it’s a different place to be with their language, interesting traditional foods, and their cultures and traditions. I also like, but think it’s weird that they still wear their old traditional clothes and I think it’s cool that euros are worth more than the American U.S. dollar. During researching I learned Germany was founded in 1871 and before that occurred German- speaking people were divided into cities, towns, and principalities. What surprised me about Germany was that their traditional clothes were worn by Austrian servants in the 19th century! I would want to know more about their food background in Germany though and I would also like to know what some of their inventions are. All in all, Germany is a very interesting and different place that I recommend you go to.



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My Trip To Iowa

My Trip To Iowa
In summer of June 27,2010 me and my dad set off to visit our family members in Iowa. On our plane ride to Iowa I had butterflies in my stomach while looking at the beautiful scenery outside, because I was so excited. I could see the rocky mountains, ocean, and even trees; everything looked so tiny and flat! Time passed by really fast and the next thing I knew the plane landed, so I grabbed my bags and got off of the plane. Iowa airports looked way different than California’s. They were huge and very confusing, we could barely find where to rent a car. I was really confused and the worst thing was that everyone else at the airport seemed like they knew where they were going but I didn’t so I felt embarrassed to look around and to ask people where things were.Once we finally rented a car we headed to Aunt Anne and Uncle Bill’s  house. When we got there they were so excited to see us and so was I because Aunt Anne and Uncle Bill haven’t seen us in years! I also saw all of my grown up cousins Mat, Andy, Chris, and Bryan, and I also met my adorable little cousin Sydney for the first time.

The next day me, my dad, and aunt went to Sydney’s house. We played board games and then we went outside to play on her playground and swing set.

While we were playing she kept saying, “Tyler where are you.” But I’m thinking what my brother isn’t here, but then I learned that Tyler was Sydney’s imaginary friend. But it just so happened that she had a cousin named Tyler. Soon I went back to Aunt Anne’s house and the cool thing about my her house was that right in back of it was a huge and gigantic park where you could take a stroll and walk dogs or feed ducks. I remember the last time I came to Iowa; I was three years old and me and my Aunt Anne were outside tossing bread to the ducks.

She said, “Be careful, it’s slippery right there, you could slip.” What do you know, when I was walking over to her to be safe my shoe slipped and fell right into the water and they were white. So I quickly grabbed the shoe out of the water and went to my mom! Luckily she took the shoe and cleaned it, I was so relieved. But that was six years ago not six years later.

On June 29th or the next day everyone went to Bryan’s Five Star restaruant. Everyone talked and laughed a lot because I come from a very sarcastic family. Then the final day or June 30th, 2010 my dad was taking me to see Justin Bieber live in concert. I was so excited, and I had butterflies in my stomach again on our way to the arena. One of the opening acts was Sean Kingston! Then there he came out and performed all of his songs, it was great! He even played his guitar in a human disco ball that lifted him up in the air. It was the best day of my life! The next morning bright and early me and my dad, unfortunately had to say goodbye to everyone and headed for the airport. As we got on the plane I remembered all of the great things I had done, I was sad that I had to leave but I was very homesick so I was happy to go home. These were the best four days of my entire life!